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  • Datatool System 3

    From its launch in 2001, the Datatool System 3 very quickly became the best selling Thatcham approved Bike alarm...

  • Ensuring A Motorhomes Security

    It is very important for you to secure your Motorhome, your personal possessions and to ensure your personal security...

  • Simplistic and Affordable Motorhome Security from Toad

    Perhaps better known for car security, Toad has been the chosen alarm for the Motorhome owner for many years....

  • Over a decade installing Trackstar

    We’ve been installing Trackstar for over a decade. Initially it was branded RAC Trackstar, due to a partnership with...

  • News

    Motorbikes are Back on the road

    It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago this country was covered in snow and now before...

  • Motorcycle Alarm Will Bring Peace Of Mind

    One of the great things about installing a motorcycle alarm is that it can act as a deterrent to...

  • Essential Motorbike Security

    Datatool are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers in motorbike security systems, and are a great option to consider...

  • Avoid Unnecessary Stress This Summer

    Just imagine it’s the summer, June has hit and in a couple of weeks it will be the school...

  • Considering Security

    On purchase of your bike, it is important to consider the security of your purchase before taking it home....

  • Investing in Peace of Mind

    The importance of security for any of our major possessions is paramount these days, we endeavour to stop theft...