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Caravan Alarm Digitek

Caravan Alarm Digitek

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0800 977 5798

Caravan Alarm from Digitek-Leisure

The Digitek Caravan alarm is simple to operate and designed to give you the very best protection for your caravan or motorhome. Made with the highest quality components you can be confident that the Digitek alarm system will give you years of protection.

The Digitek alarm is supplied with two waterproof secure encrypted remote keys and a self-adhesive LED warning light which you can locate anywhere you wish – so no drilling is required. The system has a built-in auto adjusting movement sensor so there is no complicated setting up, and simple on/off remote operation. Completing the package is a high powered siren, a self-contained battery and a wireless door sensor.

Optional wireless passive Infra-Red detectors will register any movement inside your caravan or motorhome giving you complete interior protection.

The Digitek ‘battery back-up’ feature keeps the alarm powered, continually protecting your caravan even if the leisure battery is completely discharged.

Technical Specification:

  • Compact design for any caravan or mobile home
  • Hi power siren
  • Full battery back-up
  • Simple user operation
  • Waterproof random encrypted remote control keys
  • Wireless door contact
  • Digitek slim line self-adhesive warning LED
  • Strong armour construction
  • Self-adjusting movement sensor– No false alerts


Wireless PIR Sensor links to your Digitek Caravan alarm giving you complete interior protection against movement. Wireless sensors can be added to doors windows, lockers and any other vulnerable areas of your caravan or motorhome

All of these fantastic features make operating your Digitek alarm extremely simple, but gives you full theft protection for your caravan or motor home.


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