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Datatool Charger Kit

Datatool Charger Kit

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0800 977 5798

Our specialist motorcycle battery conditioner systems are designed to keep your motorcycle battery in its optimum state, especially during long periods of inactivity or cold weather conditions.

A must for all motorcycle owners that can even pay for itself by saving the life of a motorcycle battery.


  • Suitable for standard lead acid, sealed and maintenance free 12 volt batteries
  • Charger rate of 1.2 amps during initial bulk charge
  • Holds charge at 14.3 volts until fully charged
  • Charging drops to 13.6 volts after fully charged to maintain battery in a charged state without damaging the cells
  • Recycles the charging sequence should the charger detect a voltage drop
  • LED system to indicate battery condition
  • Recovers semi-sulphated batteries
  • Charger cannot overheat due to in-built automatic temperature regulation
  • Protected against short circuit connection
  • Protected against reversed polarity connection
  • Indicates incorrect polarity connection
  • Supplied with bolt-on, water resistant battery fly-lead connection systems and temporary battery clamps.


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