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Digiteck G-Line PRO (Insurance Approved)

Digiteck G-Line PRO (Insurance Approved)

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Thatcham Category 1 Approved Motorcycle Alarm and Immobiliser

G-line PRO from Digitek Moto Technics is a fully insurance approved motorcycle alarm and immobiliser system

Full ‘Thatcham’ and ‘Secured by Design’ accredited.

The G-Line PRO is a high-quality compact alarm unit, about the size of a cigarette packet.
Simple to operate, it comes complete with waterproof remotes and a high power 120 db siren making this one of the loudest systems around being sure to be noticed when triggered.


G-Line Pro Video

G-Line PRO features a ‘place anywhere’ warning LED.

It also comes with a G-Line override ‘touch key’ in case you misplace your remote, or the remote battery fails – there is no complicated procedure to disarm the alarm, and you do not have to remember a pin code – simply use the override ‘touch key’ to disarm the system.

No setting-up is required, and it has auto-adjusting movement sensors to avoid false alerts.

All this makes the operation of your G-Line alarm extremely simple, yet provides very comprehensive theft protection.

Compact design for motorcycles and scooters
High Power siren
Simple user operation
Waterproof remotes
NEW G-Line override key
NEW G-Line slimline self-adhesive warning LED
NEW Self-adjusting movement sensor – no false alerts

Why not add a wires PIR garage sensor for that extra piece of mind ?


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