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Digitek DIY

Digitek DIY

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High quality “Do It Yourself” alarm system.   No drilling, and just a simple 2-wire connection to your motorcycle battery. G-Line DIY is a compact, high-quality “Do-It-Yourself” alarm unit – connect the live and earth directly to your battery and its fitted – “simple!” – See more at:

G-Line DIY comes with waterproof remotes and a ‘place anywhere’ warning LED (no drilling of holes required). It has auto-adjusting movement sensor, so no setting-up is required, and has a simple on/off remote operation with a high-powered siren to protect against theft.


G-Line DIY Video

With these features and ease-of-fit and operation, G-line DIY offers you the quality and specification only found on a £300 alarm!

Also take a look at our G-Link – a wireless PIR sensorPIR for your garage/shed – links to your G-Line DIY alarm in less than 5 minutes to protect your garage/shed contents!
All this makes the operation of your G-Line alarm extremely simple, yet provides full theft protection.


Compact design for motorcycles and scooters
High Power siren
Simple user operation
Waterproof remotes
NEW G-Line override key
NEW G-Line slimline self-adhesive warning LED
NEW Self-adjusting movement sensor – no false alerts


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