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Pro Track Unit

Pro Track Unit

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Fleet Tracking

The Insight GPS vehicle tracking solution is straight forward to install and easy to use.

Our trained and qualified fitters travel to your premises and install a small tracking device (TCU) in a hidden location on the vehicle. Once this is fitted and activated it continuously transmits real-time information about the vehicle’s location, speed and distance travelled, to our servers.

Access information from anywhere 24 X 7 X 365

You can then access this detailed information via a browser from any Web-enabled device such as: laptop, iPad, iPhone or Smartphone. We offer a number of different reports that you can access to analyse your fleet and driver movements 24 X 7 X 365.

Alerts by e-mail and text The Insight GPS vehicle tracking system allows you to setup a number of alerts that will be automatically sent by e-mail or text. These can be anything from telling you a vehicle has been moved, enabling you to quickly identify if it has been stolen; through to informing you that a vehicle has entered or left the London congestion Zone or other geo-fenced area you have previously setup.

Monitor work, travel and personnel travel The Insight GPS vehicle tracking system lets you know exactly what a driver is up to in your vehicle. From the specific location at a certain time, through to the route taken and when they have stopped. All this information is instantly available at the touch of a button. Such valuable management information is essential in enabling you to maximise profitability for your company.

Access using PC, iPad or laptop or Smart phone Access your information 24X7X365 with any Web-enabled device that has a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari. All you need is an Internet connection, wired or wireless, and you can then quickly and securely view all of your stored data and reports online, from anywhere at any time.

Position and direction Always know exactly where your drivers are and the direction they are heading at any time. You can compare the actual route they are taking with a predetermined optimal route. This enables you to identify drivers who frequently get lost, deliberately slow down between destinations or make unscheduled stops for personal reasons.

Geofencing – select your own areas A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real world geographic area. The Insight GPS vehicle tracking system allows you to set up a geo-fence for any address or area so that when a vehicle enters or leaves an area you and/or the driver will be automatically notified. We have already configured the system to geo-fence the London congestion zone. This will help ensure that your driver always knows there is a charge to pay.

Speed and speeding Analyse and review your drivers speed during the day or week. This can identify speeding offences or show when a driver is moving at less than 5 mph or travelling at over 70 mph. You can also view when and where a vehicle is stopped and for how long. All this information enables you to optimise your routes maximising driver productivity and vehicle utilisation.

Driver ID & automated time sheets Quickly and automatically get full details of what each driver has worked during the day or week by activating one of the Insight GPS, standard reports. This allows you to confirm start and finish times for each driver as well as highlighting any overtime hours. It also enables you to analyse and maximise driver productivity and efficiency.

Stolen vehicle recovery A stolen vehicle means lost business and profit and you need it to get it back in working order as quickly as possible. Fortunately, the Insight GPS vehicle tracking system helps with this as well. The TCU will notify you automatically by e-mail or text if a vehicle is being moved out of hours. It will also emit a signal that allows us to track it to its exact location and enable us to contact the police so that they can recover it quickly, with a greater chance of catching the thieves as well.

Enhanced Reporting

Fleet data reports The Insight GPS vehicle tracking system comes complete with a powerful and detailed set of standard reports.

These include:

  • Daily activity – location, stop and speed information for a vehicle
  • Summary – total hours worked by a driver over a dayor week
  • Time summary – fleet total mileage, maximum speed, stops, underutilised  vehicles
  • Maintenance – automaticnotification by e-mail if a vehicle reports a problem
  • Fleet utilisation – how many days a vehicle has been in use
  • Fuel consumption -MPG and total fuel used
  • Idle detail – individual idle events for each vehicle as well as Co2 emissions
  • Speeding – where drivers have been breaking the speed limit
  • Route efficiency – compares actual to optimal route for each driver

Call us for more information and a chat about what we can do for you.

Fixed monthly fee

You pay a fixed monthly fee for the service for each vehicle that has a TCU fitted, so it is easy to manage costs and the savings that Phantom Insight will give you provide a very compelling return on investment.

Call us for more information and a chat about what we can do for you.


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